The Sun Chronicles - "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."

This serves as the first entry for my blog “The Sun Chronicles.” I’ve been at a crossroads for weeks deciding what I wanted to address in my introductory entry. There has been substantial change in my life recently due to my move back to the east coast from the SF Bay area. As a result I experienced a serious mental block because how could I possibly write a blog dealing with the “ins and outs” of my life as an independent artist when I was constantly questioning what the hell I was doing?!?!

My epiphany finally arrived during my first rehearsal in preparation for my upcoming house concert in Raleigh, NC. As I sat listening to the guitarist solo beautifully over the jazz standard “I Just Found Out About Love” it all became clear to me. I am doing EXACTLY what I am meant to do. I didn’t get to this point in my life by accident or chance. Every step and misstep has been ordered for me to fulfill my destiny. My path just so happens to be a musical one. Singing and interacting with the musicians flowed as naturally as the air I breathe. Not once did I think about the consequences of leaving my 9-5 job or my dwindling account which is a major feat for the grown a** Capricorn man that I am! I found myself lost in the ebb and flow of the music as I savored the opportunity to share my gift one more time. It just felt right!!!

So after my “Ah Ha” moment I knew my decision to leave the SF Bay area and branch out from the nurturing community I grew to love was necessary for me to achieve a new level of artistry. In addition, I knew it was time to start my blog sharing my personal journey as an independent jazz artist. I clearly have something to say so why not?! Plus I hope my story can inspire others also working hard to achieve their dreams while holding me accountable to myself in the process.

At the end of the day my recent move marked a significant phase in my growth/development as an artist, man, and human being. Those of you reading this who believe in my vision stay tuned for an honest look into my life as I strive to achieve the greatness meant for me. I’m sure it will be quite a ride!

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