The Sun Chronicles - "Finally"

It has been almost a week since the release of my sophomore album “Colors of Life” and I had to take a moment to reflect. The fact that it has been released is still somewhat surreal to me. I find myself sporadically picking up a copy of the album and reviewing it as if to remind myself that it is not a figment of my imagination! Then as I peruse it I feel a smile form on my face every time because all the dots start to connect and I am reminded that this is MY new baby.

I feel as if I spent half of my life preparing to make this album. LOL I know that’s a bit extreme, but it feels that way just because my life has gone through so many changes since the moment I started thinking about recording a sophomore album a few years ago. I still remember contemplating not ever recording again unless as a guest vocalist on someone else’s project. I was at a crossroads about my music career and questioning if it was worth all the headaches I endured. Well……after this past week I can declare with the utmost certainty that all I persevered through to get to the point of releasing “Colors of Life” was worth it!

Every time I received some encouraging feedback from someone who purchased the album or hear it played on a new radio station I thank God and also those around me who are working hard to make this happen. There is NO way I could do this alone so I am forever grateful to those on my business team who devote their time, talent and wisdom to ensuring my album is a success. When I’ve found myself becoming anxious about how the album would be perceived or if anyone would actually purchase a copy I quickly think of these committed individuals on my team which snaps me back to reality.

Then to top it all off, I was able to share some of the new music this past Saturday at my first CD Release Concert at the Sharp Nine Gallery in Durham, NC. When I tell you the show exceeded my expectations, I am 100% serious! I am not a pessimist, but I was definitely nervous about having a good turnout. People will always say they are coming out to a show, but have found that many tell you that as if it is “the thing” to say, but tend to not follow through. However, I was pleasantly surprised on Saturday when I saw a lot of familiar and new faces in the audience ready to soak in the music. From the first song I could tell people were genuinely “feeling” the music. I saw heads bobbing to the rhythm, people sitting on the edge of their seats and eyes closed in rapture. What a beautiful sight to witness! I felt so privileged to have such a receptive audience at such a crucial show. Then I was super blessed because people also showed their support by actually purchasing copies of not only my new album, but also my first one. A brotha was floored! I can honestly say I left the venue on Cloud Nine pinching myself from time to time to make sure it was all real.

Though the journey continues and we have much more work to promote “Colors of Life”, I travel it proudly prepared for the mountains AND the valleys. Shoot….the valleys make one appreciate the mountains SO much more. The release of “Colors of Life” epitomizes this bit of wisdom perfectly. As a matter of fact, I titled this entry “Finally” after the last song on my new record. It captures my overall sentiment perfectly. Take a listen. THANKS for all the love for my new record everyone.

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