The Sun Chronicles - "Purposeful Changes"


As I reviewed a draft of the design/layout of the CD packaging for my upcoming album “Colors of Life” this past week I had a surreal moment. In fact, I had to look at the design a few times to ensure I was seeing what was actually in front of my eyes. I just could not believe I had reached this major point, not only in the creation of my album, but in my life!

To say I have sacrificed and undergone numerous life changes the past few years to reach this point in my music career would be “dead on” accurate. My address has changed more times than I can admit the last 6-7 years including 2 cross-country moves. I’ve had times when I questioned my thought process, but I always kept moving forward and remaining faithful despite not feeling a sense of stability. A song that I often perform in my live performances always captures the sentiment of my seemingly nomadic lifestyle, Joni Mitchell’s “Black Crow.” As cliche as it sounds I honestly feel as if Joni sat down with me and asked me to tell her about my life as inspiration for this powerful tune. However, when I look back in retrospect, I realize all my moving and life-altering decisions have been with purpose. Everything I have chosen to do has taken me a step further in living my dreams and meeting my goals.

The quote that I based this blog entry around struck me to the core because it is truth. Despite the crazy struggles and often-times baffling decisions we have to endure on a daily basis, it isn’t all for not. We have to remain committed to the bigger picture and trust in God’s plan for us because it usually is so much more than we can even comprehend for ourselves. In viewing the design for “Colors of Life” I suddenly understood that every single step I have taken the last several years had built up to the point where I am ready to release a musical statement that I am extremely proud to share with the world. My move from DC to the San Francisco Bay area and now to the Raleigh/Durham area all HAD to happen for me to understand myself better in order to artistically mature. In addition, the sense of stability I sought for many years was within my grasp because it boiled down to a shift in my perspective. Period. At the end of the day I am exactly where I need to be following the path meant for me. I just have to take things day-by-day so I can continue enjoying this beautiful journey and not be shaken when obstacles are thrown my way. 

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