The Sun Chronicles - "The Final Countdown"

I will admit I’m a little behind with my blog entries for “The Sun chronicles”, but a brotha has been busy. I will promise to do better so you dedicated readers can know more about what I’m doing these days. The biggest and best news I have to offer is that after a few years of planning, praying and pulling my locs out; I have reached the final countdown to recording my sophomore project “colors of life”. The official dates of the recording dates are set starting on Monday, November 11. Wooohoooo!!!

Every day that I get closer to fulfilling this dream I reflect on the overall journey which has not been an easy one. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking as a teenager when I fantasized about recording a solo album and how spectacular the process would be as if watching a scripted movie. It is clear now that I knew a whole lot about nothing in reference to recording an album. There have been plenty of days where I questioned every single detail about the concept, selected songs, budget, involved parties, etc. I would venture to say I even talked myself out of recording this project a few times. Thankfully divine intervention continues to step in and provide me with guidance. There is nothing like faith and belief in your abilities to keep you on track. My intervention occurred recently during a trip to New York City to work on material for the album.

The second I stepped off the plane in NYC I felt different. It’s as if the electricity of the city shot right through to my spirit giving me a much needed jolt. I was instantly ready to get down to business. My next few days consisted of arranging sessions with the producer of my album, legendary pianist/composer/arranger Onaje Allan Gumbs or as I refer to him “Uncle.” As we worked through each song I was reminded how blessed I was to be collaborating with a master of music who was committed to making my album the best it can be. That helped keep my ego in check and also give me a reality check that I clearly was doing what I was supposed to be doing……preparing for the recording of “Colors of life.” I seemed to grow more excited with each new idea presented to give every single song a distinct sound. I literally saw my album starting to take more of a solid shape which put a huge smile on my face. Plus it didn’t hurt to be presented with an original composition by Onaje that has never been recorded that I get the opportunity to introduce to the world. God is good!

Then to top it all off, I also had arranging sessions with an extremely talented guitarist/composer who I’m fortunate enough to call a friend, Shan Kenner. I met Shan back in 2007 when I released my first album “anticipation”. He accompanied me at my album release in Harlem at The Shrine which I later found out was his first official gig in NYC after moving from the San Francisco Bay area. I asked Shan about playing on my new record, but by fate; he presented me with an original composition of his to consider for the album and it was right on time. I ended up writing lyrics for the tune and now it will be the title track of my album! My sessions with Shan were pure inspiration not only for the ease of our collaborating, but also his positive energy. I left our sessions feeling ecstatic about the music planned for my album and also grateful for the gift of song.

Now with less than a month before I take the mic in the studio in NJ to document my musical journey, I grow even more focused on bringing my dream to life and sharing my music. Despite all the obstacles over the past few years to complete this album, I am right where I need to be and plan on being the best I can be in the studio. I owe it to myself and all those who have supported my dream. Hang tight just a little longer and you all will have new music from me.

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