"The Sun Chronicles" - "The Lessons Lie In The Journey"

I’ve been thinking more about completing my sophomore album and what a daunting process it’s been. I literally have pondered, thought, planned, and prayed about this album for at least 2 ½ years. It took me forever just to decide on the concept and title. I honestly didn’t think I would ever settle on anything, but the “light bulb” finally turned on as a result of conversations with close friends and music colleagues. Once I knew those key things, I felt I had it all figured out. I’d raise all the necessary funds through a successful Kickstarter campaign, record the album, and have it released by now to global praise. Sounds perfect and simple, right? Has it happened that way? Absolutely not!!

Despite my best intentions to have recorded/released my sophomore album and be on the road with a working band by now, that has not happened. I’m sure some of you are familiar with the phrase, “If you want to make God laugh just tell him your plans.” One could not have told me a year ago that I’d be in North Carolina (not NYC) heading into 2013 working diligently to secure the funds to record “Colors of Life.” However, what I am learning every day is that God has His plans for me; which may not always match up with what I expect/hope, but are ALWAYS what I need and occur when I need them. There have been days when someone asked me about the status of my album and I grew extremely frustrated because things have not moved at the pace that I initially expected, but I’m starting to gain a stronger appreciation for the journey itself.

This revelation came to me recently through a Facebook chat I had with a talented, young musician friend of mine who mentioned how much he was enjoying the journey of developing his musicianship. His words were quite profound for me and inspired me to take a deeper look at my life. During this new phase of my life back on the east coast I’ve had the luxury to chisel away at the concept for “Colors of Life” to ensure it captures my truest voice. I seem to review the song selections on a daily basis questioning if I’ve pulled together the best assortment of tunes. I've actually changed two songs within the last week and a half as a result of my quest for perfection. What can I say? I want to get this thing right, but I’m finding the challenge exciting. I think about the immense talent that will contribute to my album and I grow quite giddy. LOL Thoughts of signing a contract to secure my releasing “Colors of Life” through an indie record label that “gets me” puts a huge smile on my face. Even working on original tunes at my keyboard provides me with a new-found sense of empowerment. Once again, I’m learning to enjoy the journey instead of agonizing about not reaching the destination yet.

I can’t lie and say I’m not ready to have this album done, but I am actively putting more effort into taking every day as it comes so I don’t miss the treasures on this special voyage. I think that’s a healthy way of approaching this process as I move into 2013.

Happy Holidays!!


allison December 27, 2012 @02:27 pm
Your unfolding journey seems to become more clear with each blig entry. Enjoy along with us!

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