"Jua is what, I feel, all jazz and improvisational artists aspire to be - ORIGINAL. He has amazing command of his voice, a unique and creative way of presenting his voice, and he is always striving to be better. Jua's tone, sense of time and rhythm, and musicianship are all impeccable. A true artist." — Terrence Brewer, multi-award winning guitarist  www.TerrenceBrewer.com”


This is an extremely difficult time for many jazz musicians in the U.S. who make a substantial amount of their income from performing / touring.  If you have the financial means to help, please consider donating money to one or more of these funds: 

1. Jazz Foundation of America - COVID-19 Musicians' Emergency Fund

2. Sweet Relief COVID-19 Fund  

3. Musicares COVID-19 Relief Fund

4. Musicians Foundation COVID-19 Fund

5. Newport Festivals Musician Relief Fund 

6. Artist Relief Emergency Fund 

7. Jazz Road Quick Assist Fund 

8. The Music Relief Project 

9. East Bay / Oakland Arts Relief Fund  

10. Louis Armstrong Emergency Fund for Jazz Musicians