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"Jua is what, I feel, all jazz and improvisational artists aspire to be - ORIGINAL. He has amazing command of his voice, a unique and creative way of presenting his voice, and he is always striving to be better. Jua's tone, sense of time and rhythm, and musicianship are all impeccable. A true artist."

— Terrence Brewer, multi-award winning guitarist 

 "The velvety, alluring quality of Jua’s voice highlights the subtle nuances of his signature style of singing. A dynamic style that brings clarity and a certain truth to his songs and at the same time enthusiastically welcomes the audience to participate and feel the warmth and love he so generously shares on stage and off. His new CD "Colors of life" will give the listening an even greater insight into the gentle heart of this gifted vocalist, musician, storyteller."

—  Veronica Nunn, Jazz Recording Artist

“A vocal jazz powerhouse with stunning range, Jua's voice resonates with an elusive and precious element: truth. Every note he sings emanates authenticity, expressing the heart and soul of the music with intelligence, beauty, and grace.”

 — Andrea Claburn, Jazz vocalist 

"Colors of Life is the new CD release from vocalist Jua.  The first thing you'll notice is Jua's gorgeous voice filled with warmth and honesty. His tone is pure, rich and calming with effortless phrasing and a soulful delivery.  Fresh and inventive arrangements with a stellar band create a beautiful showcase for this fantastic vocalist who is a consummate professional on and off stage.  Jua is an incredible musician and vocalist and I am happy to call him my friend and colleague."

—   Whitney James, Jazz Recording Artist

 "Jua's voice is wonderfully room-filling and joyous!  He draws you in and allows you to get to know who really he is.  With great musicality, warmth and feeling he has reinvented material that we all love and made it his own. "

—   Marianne Solivan, Jazz Vocalist

"Jua sings with such passion he sweeps you along on his musical journey and you are there, fully invested in his story- YOUR story: the music. Possessing a rich and expressive voice, Jua has a wonderful future ahead of him and I can’t wait to hear more!"

— Mary Jenson, Jazz recording artist

"Jua's warm, generous personality is beautifully reflected in his music.  With his velvety and versatile instrument, he effortlessly traverses the musical landscapes of jazz, gospel, and pop music with a deep commitment to honest storytelling and rock-solid musicality.  Jua's voice calls to mind the lush soulfulness of Donny Hathaway and the lyrical sensitivity of Luther Vandross, but make no mistake: he is a unique artist, thoroughly contemporary, thoroughly timeless, and thoroughly himself.  Don't miss out on getting to know Jua and his music!"

— Hilary Gardner, Jazz recording artist 

"I've had the pleasure of working/singing with Jua and he is not only a gifted vocalist and performer but a true professional.  In an industry of wannabes and gonnabes, Jua is the real deal."

— Rissi Palmer, Singer and Songwriter 

“Jua is a mesmerizing performer who interprets every song with a creative soulfulness that draws you in and keeps you with him from start to finish. You always know you’re going to get a masterpiece of beauty and heart.”

— Kathy Blackburn, vocalist

"The quintessential renaissance man of soul, Jua’s voice not only commands the stage with a grace and elegance of musical genius, but weaves a timeless story with smooth hues of rich melodic soul that captures the audience, transporting them to a new era of Jazz." 

Janearé Ashley – Singer and Songwriter 

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